gif vs png transparency issues

I am going to use an image for my header which should to transparent..i thought of using PNG but a bit worried about its transparency issues .. So is there any solution?

Its a two image header where a transparent image is placed over a normal image ..

We have a site layout used for 4 different clients.. So i use different style sheets ..

So in the style sheet i should add the logo of the client (which should be a transparent image) But right now in my computer i do not have any transparent issues.. but i read this article

and a bit worried about it’s performance ..


The page you linked has a solution: to use a PNG with transparency, you need to fake it out for specific browsers ( from that link there is also a MS support page see:;en-us;294714 )

The advantage the PNG has in this case is that it supports alpha channels which essentially allows 256 levels of transparency (from opaque to clear). GIF only supports a single color for transparency and that is why there is a halo.

The workaround for GIF halos is to use a background color which is compatible with the GIF. The workaround for PNG is to use javascript swap out any PNG images for a div container with special properties.

Neither is a bullet proof method.

Source : Link , Question Author : Praneel PIDIKITI , Answer Author : horatio

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