GIMP – How copy/paste shape- in my case, a rectangle?

I know I can using the rectangle selector then using edit=>stroke selection to make my selection’s shape a solid rectangle’s shape. Now I would copy the exact same selection’s rectangle to variate the same rectangle’s shape with other stroke type.
Currently I have to redo a selection and approximate the original’s shape, I can alo use the guides lines, that said there is still approximation and it demand a
questionning amount of time.

I am sure it exists other means to achieve a more programmatic shape’s duplication.

thanks for any hint


Use the Move tool in “Move selection” mode (red square icon).

enter image description here

It will move the selection mask (and not a layer) so you can translate your selection. Don’t forget to reset it to Layer mode afterwards, otherwise you will wonder why the Move tool has become non-functional.

If you want to keep a copy of the selection at a specific position, use Select>Save to channel to save the selection before moving it (and possibly use the Channels list to rename the save selection to something more meaningful).

Source : Link , Question Author : Webwoman , Answer Author : xenoid

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