GIMP: How to center a layer between two others

I want to center some text between two images.

The way I’ve been doing it is:

  1. Take the left edge location of the right image.
  2. Subtract the Right edge location of the left image.
  3. Subtract half the length of the text. (Or any layer you wanted to center. You can find the size with the scale tool).
  4. Left-Distribute the text with the Align tool and the number of pixels you calculated.

It seems like I should be able to do this much easier with the Distribute/Align tool, without needing a pencil and paper and basic math.

One of the related questions: “GIMP: find midpoint / arbitrary division between two points” seems to say this is the only solution.


My approach would be as follows:

Assuming that your two images are layers, and that the text layer does exist already:

  1. create a selection that spans the area between the two layers’ right and left edges
  2. use the Align tool on the text layer, choose “Selection” in the “Relative to” dropdown in its tool options
  3. Align as desired with the buttons in the Align tool options

If this does not solve your task, then you should add an image to your question and point out where it differs from your intended result.

Source : Link , Question Author : itsnotmyfault , Answer Author : Michael Schumacher

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