Gimp: how to combine two images side-by-side

I’ve recently drawn 2 images and for the final product I need to combine half of each images, one on the left and one on the right, into a single image.


My answer is very much like the previous answer. I still provide it because the above did not directly lead to success.
So you have two files: file1.jpeg and file2.jpeg. They can be different formats than jpeg, and they do not need both to have the same format. So file2.png would be fine too.
As a matter of background you can think of the Gimp image as a number of layers over a canvas. The idea is to extend the canvas, add the second image as a layer. Next move the layers so that they do not overlap.

  • Open file1.jpeg using Gimp.
  • Save file1.jpeg in the native Gimp format. Say we save it to file1.xcf.
  • Expand the canvas. Go to the menu Image, next Canvas size. You can now expand the canvas in the direction you like. Make sure there is enough space for both file1 and file2. If afterwards it turns out the canvas was not big enough you can always make it bigger so that both images fit. One option would be to check the images x dimension in terms of pixels and expand by that much in the direction required.
  • Next choose Windows , then Dockable Dialogs, then Layers. This shows the layers dialog. If all is well you have one layer. It is file1.
  • Now choose File, Open as Layers and open file2.jpeg.

At this point you see two layers in the Layers dialog. The image itself has become quite messy with the two images overlapping. One is file1 and the other file2. You now want to move these layers so that they no longer overlap.

  • Choose View, and select snap to canvas edges, that way you can align the images correctly
  • Choose Tools, Transform tools , and next Move. You can now move the layers that is selected in the layers dialog.

Move the layers until they no longer overlap. If necessary adjust the canvas size.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alina , Answer Author : cuppajoeman

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