GIMP: How to crop a layer?

I have a screenshot where I want only a part of the pasted image, and I want to turn the white that’s in it transparent.

First I need to crop the pasted image. I have selected the layer and a rectangle which I want. I can’t seem to find the option that crops the current layer to the current selection. What’s this called?


There are at least two ways to crop your image.

(1) First select the region of the image you want to have, by using the…

Rectangle Select Tool

  • Rectangle Select Tool (R) to make a rectangular selection
  • Ellipse Select Tool (E) to make an elliptical selection
  • Free Select Tool (F) to make a hand-drawn selection
  • Fuzzy Select Tool (U) to make a color-based contiguous selection

(All of these are next to each other at the top of the Toolbox.)

…then go to Image menu > select Crop to Selection option.

(2) Another way of doing it is by using the Crop Tool (in the Toolbox) to make a selection, and double-clicking anywhere inside the selection (or hit Enter) to crop.

Crop Tool

PS: And of course, I’m not Gimp expert, so do let me know if there are any other ways to do it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Steven Lu , Answer Author : its_me

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