Gimp mouse wheel zoom resolution

Is there are way to change the amount a single increment on the mouse wheel zooms in the image when using Ctrl+Mouse_wheel_scroll to zoom.

I find that Gimp zooms too much per mouse wheel increment and I would like to reduce it.

I have found this to be a problem on both, Windows 10 and Ubuntu.


Every piece of information I’ve been able to collect, including some tests of my own, shows that your objective is currently unavailable. One of the older references I’ve located dates to 2012 and suggests that many people have desired this ability, with zero success.

Another reference suggests that there may be an add-on or plug-in possible, but the complication arises in that Gimp has many keyboard shortcuts or feature implementations that would conflict with any such plug-in.

I suppose “no” is currently the correct answer, although not the desired one.

As this was my second draft, I inadvertently deleted links previously included. One reference to this conclusion can be found here:
and another, with links that seem to repeat the desire without the solution:

Source : Link , Question Author : Scorb , Answer Author : fred_dot_u

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