Gimp Pasted Layer Move Tool

What I want to do is paste a picture to a new gimp file. I have the background layer and when I paste it puts it into the floating selection like expected. I found that I’m supposed to turn it into a new layer to be able to move it so I do so. But when I select the move tool and hover over the pasted layer it looks like a mouse, something like rotation, and then a not circle. How do I move this pasted layer?


To be sure..

  1. Convert it to a real layer
  2. Activate the move-tool
  3. Choose “Move the active layer” in the settings panel for your tool
  4. Activate/select your layer
  5. Click once on the canvas

Depending on circumstances, you could skip different or all steps. But if done correctly, you should now be able to move your layer with your mouse or the arrow keys!

EDIT: If you can’t find the move tool, goto (in the menubar) Windows > New toolbox. In the new window that popped up, click/double click on the cross symbol.

Source : Link , Question Author : James , Answer Author : Leonard Pauli

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