Gimp: Permanently disable layer boundary lines

Trying to get used to Gimp coming from Photoshop. Making progress, but one thing I can’t deal with is having that yellow dotted line around selected layers. I know that I can turn them off in the View menu – but I have to do that for every new image. Is there a way to either completely disable the lines, or set a keyboard shortcut to toggle them off/on?


To permanently disable layer boundaries from the File > Preferences menu chose Image Windows > Apearance to untick Show layer boundary. This then works on all newly created layers.

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To toggle visibility of layer boundaries create a keyboard shortcut from Edit > Preferences > Interface. Select Configure Keyboard Shortcut and scroll down to the entry Show layer boundary. By default this entry is disabled. After selecting you can assign a not yet otherwise used keyboard shortcut by simply pressing it.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Daf57 , Answer Author : Takkat

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