GIMP Rounded Rectangle Radius > 100px?

I am wondering if there is a way to make GIMP (2.8 on Mac) allow me to make a rectangle with rounded corners – the radius being over 100 px. This seems to be the current limit.

This would greatly help me make great looking iOS app icons.


The functionality is buried in GIMP in a function called gimp-image-select-round-rectangle. See the bug report.

I have exposed gimp-image-select-round-rectangle‘s ability to create rounded rectangles with a radius > 100 (actually up to 262144 pixels now) to the UI with a script-fu script, select_round_rectangle.scm The script also exposes the ability to create rounded rectangles with different x & y radii.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Undo , Answer Author : mmorris

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