GIMP – Unwanted white borders after applying transparency layer

I had this image:enter image description here

Which I applied a transparency background:

enter image description here

However, the result isn’t perfect at all, as letters still have white borders. You can see this in the following zoom:

enter image description here

What wrong did I do? Or do I have to do something more to remove those white thin borders?

EDIT: it’s not only the text that is a problem as the graph also has white borders:

enter image description here


Usual technique:

  1. Do a wand select of the background
  2. Shift click in any isolated areas that you want to remove (loops in “O”, “P”…)
  3. Select>Grow by one pixel so that the selection bleeds over the pixels at the edge of things.
  4. Color>Color to alpha and remove the white

Result: put over contrasting backrground:

enter image description here

(yes, there is a small miss in the sharp angles of the ‘M’, easy to solve by adding a bit of selection there before the C2A step (doesn’t even need to be accurate).

The why of this process is explained here

Source : Link , Question Author : JKHA , Answer Author : xenoid

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