Git production/staging server workflow

Currently my website (production server) already have a lot of code in it.
And now I want to start using Git for my projects and setup a staging server for my team.
Can anybody give me any advise?

Here is the picture in my mind:

        Production        - Production server which already have codes
         Staging          - New staging server, will install Trac too
         ↗↙ ↖↘          
  Developer1  Developer2  - Local development 

My question is, how should I start?

Here are some steps in my mind:

  1. do a git init in production server (is this safe?)
  2. clone the repo from production to staging server
  3. developers clone the repo from the staging to their local machine
  4. push files to the staging server after finish changing
  5. when staging is ready, push everything to the production

Does this work flow makes sense, or there are some better way to do it?

What if I only want to change one file?

Does origin/master has anything to do with it in this process??
Who is the origin? am I going to end up having multiple origins??

Also, when should a developer use branch in this case?


It’s better to use master branch only for Production and development branch for Staging. Each developer should create local branch to add new features and then merge with development branch. If you’re new to a git, try to use – There is also good picture describing git branching model –

Source : Link , Question Author : kayue , Answer Author : bUg.

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