Glitch in output resolution size for same dimension artboards

I have created 50 artboards in Adobe Illustrator. Their size is the same 59.5×59.5 mm
Nothing else. Just the blank artboards. When I go File > Export > Export as –> JPG and then I choose “Use artboards” then “Range” > 1 (and do the export) then next step the same “Range” > 2 and so on, the resulting JPGs are different. The first 4 JPGs have a size of 704×704 pixels. But the one corresponding to the artboard number 5 has a different resolution 703×704 pixels. I am working with 300 ppi by the way.

Screenshot of all the identical artboards

What is going on?

Also they should all be 703×703 if my calculations are correct. (5.95×300)/2.54 = 702.755905511811

Thanks in advance


If you need pixel precision, then I’d suggest you use one of the “Web” document presets for creating the initial document, to ensure it’s set up with Align Art to Pixel Grid enabled. I tested this and it seems to fix the problem.

However, if you choose one of the other document presets, such as one of the “Print” presets, then the Align Art to Pixel Grid option is disabled by default. This means that artboards could potentially be located at fractions of a pixel which would (I assume) be the cause of those rounding errors when exporting raster images.

You could of course enable the Align Art to Pixel Grid option in any document, then make sure the artboard is a whole number of pixels in both dimensions and also the x and y co-ordinates. Also if you don’t like working with this option enabled, you could disable it again once you’ve got the arboards positioned correctly.

Edit further to comments: some of the problem is apparently due to using Export As. Seems to be buggy. However, Export for Screens works just fine with pixel perfect artboards.

Source : Link , Question Author : demklad , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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