Glossy black logo on matte black background

I remember seeing high-fashion packaging with black-on-black printing; but, the difference was with only the finish. Normally, I see gold-on-black, or silver.

I want that same black “shiny effect” with a logo on a black background.

How was it done; and, how can I make one (mock-up) to show my client for approval?

I tried many ways but its not coming like it should be.


enter image description here


The process is called spot UV varnishing. You need to ask your print company if they can do it. Not all print companies have the required equipment. Generally, those printers who specialise in high quality sheet fed lithography often have such capabilities.

enter image description here

Basically the varnish is applied just like a regular ink, then the sheets are passed through a machine which exposes it to UV light to set the varnish.

As for mocking it up in Photoshop, there’s a PS CS4 mockup template file you can download here. Here’s something I made with it. You can examine all the layer effects added in the PSD.

enter image description here

In the PSD the effect is created by applying various layer styles to two instances of a smart object which have been skewed. The top smart object layer (set to normal blend mode) has an inner shadow applied, with pin light set as the blend mode. This layer is responsible for the slight highlight line around the edges of the artwork. The bottom smart object is clipped to a texture layer which seems to be creating most of the reflective effect, which looks like this:

Texture layer

And the effects applied to that clipped smart object are drop shadow (multiply mode), inner shadow (overlay mode), color overlay (overlay mode) set to grey, gradient overlay (soft light mode) set with a gradient of white to black. And this smart object also has it’s layer blending mode set to overlay. The final bottom layer is the background layer filled with grey. In my example, I also added some darker areas to the background using the paint brush set to black, with the flow reduced.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dbb , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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