Good and Cheap alternatives to Photoshop for CMYK

I have been using GIMP for many years and do not want to go through the expense and learning curve issues of Creative Suite/Photoshop but occasionally I may need a CMYK file. Other than the Separate/Separate+ Plugins, are there any reasonable alternatives?

EDIT: I edited rather than commenting so this would remain visible – Thanks to everyone for their input so far. I haven’t accepted an answer yet as I am reviewing the options presented, but I do plan to when appropriate–Ray


It’s been a while since this question has been asked, but a ‘cheap’ alternative to buying Photoshop is subscribing to it.

If you buy a 1 year subscription, the current price is $24/month (or if you prefer, month to month is $36). As much as I love Gimp’s philosophy, its CMYK support is still limited.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ray Mitchell , Answer Author : Yisela

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