Good Methods To Substitute A Design Education?

While I know that going to a Design University is the most optimal way to learn and master Graphic Design, in my case, it would be difficult for me to attend one because I also have to do some other courses in a university that are not necessarily related to Graphic Design, and the university does not offer courses on Graphic Design.

What are some good methods to substitute a design education? How would you build up your portfolio for the future?


To substitute a design education you have to be aware of what you are missing out on. In my experience, learning at design school was mostly about two things; building robust theory and concepts, and the push-pull of designing in a social environment, eg crits, inspiration, encouragement etc.

In which case you need to find substitutes for these benefits of school life. I would suggest a doing a huge amount of reading to build robust conceptual theories. And joining an art group, (not necessarily graphic design exclusive) for the social learning. IMO flickr or deviantart communities are not a good substitute for face-face peer critique

As for the portfolio- well that comes by doing work. Real work for real
clients is better than theorical work. But sometimes you just need to start somewhere.

Source : Link , Question Author : JFW , Answer Author : Hemi

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