Good monitors for graphic design / printwork ?

I am working primarily in book graphic design: edit images, color profiles, do the layout of the book, prepare it for print etc. Sometimes I do logos, corporate identity packages etc. I do not do video editing, nor web design.

I am looking to buy a new monitor and would love to hear your opinions on what to buy. I’m looking at:

  • diagonal (doesn’t need to be too big, ~24 is ok)
  • view angle, brightness and color acuity
  • price (I can’t afford the more expensive ones, but I might find them refurbished, so respond anyway)


I’m using two Dell U2410 in a dual-screen setup for layout and design work. It’s a IPS panel, so the view angle is realy good. It’s a wide-gamut display with different present modes, so you could also switch to SRGB mode for webdesign.

I’m really happy with these displays and the price was much cheaper than a similar Eizo screen.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bogdan Gavril MSFT , Answer Author : Roman

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