Good name for object between squared and rounded

In the following image we have squared, rounded, lined and dashed objects. Each object is labeled with its name, but I have a situation between squared and rounded objects. What name would you use for this object?

enter image description here


Rounded corner or just Round Corner. Adding the “corner”, to me, means there’s an apparent corner as opposed to the Pill shape.

As @Wolff points out in the comment above, both the pill shape and the shape preceding it are “rounded” shapes, merely the radius of the rounding varies. So.. I’d use a more specific name for what you’ve labeled as “rounded”.

I’d probably change the list.

  • SquaredRoundedPillLinedDashed
  • SquaredRoundedStadiumLinedDashed
  • SquaredRoundedOblongLinedDashed

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Source : Link , Question Author : Bruno Wego , Answer Author : Scott

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