Good slab font with Polytonic Greek support to go with Caecilia

I am typesetting a book in a combination of PMN Caecilia (body text) and FF Clan (headings and other minor things).

In this book appears exactly one work in Greek: μαῖα. It appears in a footnote (which are set in Caecilia). Unfortunately, Caecilia—or at least the version of it that I have—does not support Greek, so I need to set the word in a different font. Having trawled through every single font I have on my machine, however, I have come to the conclusion that I have absolutely no slab fonts anything like Caecilia that support Polytonic Greek.

Uncle Google has led me to find DejaVu Serif, which I suppose is at least relatively close, especially in a different alphabet. But it’s not really good.

I should be most grateful if anyone here knows of any good fonts that:

— look good
— are slab/similar to Caecilia
— have Polytonic Greek support
— is free (if possible—I doubt the company will let me buy a commercial font just for one word)


MyFonts offer PF Centro Slab Pro

PF Centro Slab Pro

There are a number of fonts which have both μ and α, but that’s the only one with ῖ as well. Even if you don’t like the other characters, you might find that the Greek is a reasonable match for PMN Caecilia:

PMN Caecilia

Source : Link , Question Author : Janus Bahs Jacquet , Answer Author : Andrew Leach

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