Good-to-Bad color scale without green

I’m new to the community but I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Typically when someone want to display a scale of good-to-bad they show something like:

red to green color gradient

Red is bad and green is good, with yellow being somewhere in between. What I am faced with however is that all options are bad, so I cannot use green. I also have a wide range of levels of bad with the low end being somebody being rude and the upper end being murder. I was thinking about maybe using purples or blues to increase the spread, but, being completely new to any graphic design, I’m unsure. Like this:

enter image description here

The colors would never be displayed directly next to each other, so a perfect gradient isn’t necessary. Any tips or help at all is appreciated!


@Lucien has the right of it. If you need only a color scale (and not a graphic scale) then perhaps a red to yellow stepped blend or a solid red to transparent blend.

It seems to me that any color other than red (bad) to yellow (caution) will not translate to different degrees of “bad”.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Bubinga , Answer Author : Kyle

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