Good visual alternatives of representing the Push and Pull signs on doors?

Using “Push” and “Pull” should be quite straightforward, you read the word and follow the instructions. But day after day I see people in my office coming to the door and pushing when they should pull or viceversa.

What would be a good alternative way of representing Push/Pull, using visuals instead? This probably won’t mean people will suddenly have an epiphany and instantly understand the instruction. I imagine there has to be a graphic that the brain understands faster than the sign with the words…


I think this is a physical design / interaction design problem, not a graphic design problem.

If a door has a handle on it, I think a lot of people are naturally going to try and pull on the handle.

Therefore, push side should not have a handle, and the pull side should have one.

Push side could have a palm print graphic if necessary to show where to push.

Source : Link , Question Author : Yisela , Answer Author : David Moore

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