Google has removed the “Download Image” link, what changes should I make as a designer?

Thanks to a lawsuit by the large stock congolomerate Getty Images (which also owns iStock) Google has removed its popular “View Images” feature (one of many articles on the topic:

How does this affect us as designers and what workflow changes should we make?

I see there’s two different scenarios:

  1. When our work goes onto websites and ultimately into search engines.
  2. When we’re researching ideas and existing images.

What changes, if any, should we be aware of and make going forward in those two scenarios?


Yes, an interesting development, but the truth is nothing much has really changed, it’s only cosmetic – and I suspect only to please their lawyers.

You can still right click and “view image” in Firefox, or “open image in new tab” in Chrome. Of course most ordinary people won’t know this. Google clearly takes most of its users for idiots! You basically can’t stop someone from stealing an image off the web if they are determined enough to do so.

Also, google isn’t the only search engine offering an image search.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ryan , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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