Google Web Designer distorting image sharpness

I’m using Google Web Designer to create an animation. The program is awesome for the most part. The one area where it’s a bit befuddling is with image quality.

Original images are usually quite large in terms of pixels (e.g. 15 megapixels). When I resize them with Google Web Designer, the image sharpness gets distorted – the quality often seems to go down when compared to the same image resized via Preview on Mac.

Attached are screenshots of the same picture resized to the same size in terms of pixels in both Preview and Google Web Designer.

Picture – resized in Preview

Picture - resized in Preview

Picture – resized in Google Web Designer

Picture - resized in Google Web Developer


By resized I mean:

Preview: Resampling and creating a new file

Google Web Designer: Dragging the picture’s boundaries inwards to make the picture smaller on the screen.

As an aside, I experimented with zooming out in Preview and noticed the quality is actually higher than when the image is downsampled. If this is the case, why doesn’t preview use the same zooming algorithm when shrinking a picture?


Source : Link , Question Author : user1114 , Answer Author : Community

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