Gradient fade a PNG image using Photoshop [duplicate]

I’ve searched high and low and finally hit upon alpha channels, but I don’t know how to configure an alpha channel to suit my needs. I’m trying take this image…


…And turn it into this. As you can see the top portion is 100% opaque, and the bottom is 0%. So its a kind of “alpha mask”. How can I do this with Photoshop or Gimp or whatever, and save it into a 32-bit PNG?


I’m not simply trying to “cover” or “mask” my image like this question. I’m trying an alpha mask which is a whole different ballgame.


You can use clipping masks to achieve this effect!!

  1. Create 2 layers in photoshop
  2. In the 1st layer place your image content
  3. Click the 2nd layer
  4. Select White as the foreground & background color (by clicking the color swatches on the toolbar)
  5. Click the gradient tool, and choose the “opaque to transparent” gradient (the 2nd gradient in the palette)


6. Draw a gradient on the 2nd layer

enter image description here

7. Right-click the 1st layer and choose “Create Clipping Mask”

enter image description here

8. Done!

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Robin Rodricks , Answer Author : Robin Rodricks

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