Graphic design beginner: How do you get to the point where a design is in your head?

I know this question might sound stupid but I’m a programmer and I want to learn graphic design. Well, from what I see you have to learn stuff like color theory, composition, spacing, etc. I get that but how do I get problem and just solve it. I say this because as a programmer when I get a problem I’m able to come up with a solution in my head, whereas in graphic design I have to constantly try things to get something palatable.

Other than that I’m pretty decent at drawing so I haven’t really faced any problem there.


The secret is: Your brain lies. If you were to draw what your brain says it would be wrong in so many ways that it would hurt. Your brain can get an awful idea thats missing 90% of everything cool and it could still seem perfect. You can’t draw it because its not real, its just an illusion that stops you from second guessing yourself. If there would be no such mechanism in you brain you couldn’t get anything done.

The real secret is that even the best of artists keep making many revisions, thumbnails sketches and so on. They do most often not get it right on one go. Unless they are copying what they allready see in real life in front of them. The work refines what you have.

In this process your brain does get better and you will eventually recognize what is truly there and what is not. But by then it will never be the same again. You still need to do revisions since you can not keep it in your brain in one go.

Source : Link , Question Author : Unknownguy , Answer Author : George Asda

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