Graphic design freelancer uses Helvetica for my company’s web design, software GUI design, and logo

My company makes software. I hired a graphic design freelancer (and payed a fixed xxx €) to do my company’s

  • website design,
  • software GUI design,
  • logo

He used Helvetica. The parts using Helvetica will always be used rendered as bitmap (as .png or .jpg, etc.). They will be used on my website, in my software GUI, in my emails, etc.

I’ll never use vector graphics (svd) nor text + embedded font on my website. I also will never need to have Helvetica installed on my local machine: everything that the freelancer gives me will be bitmap.

Do I have to pay a license for Helvetica, or don’t I because that was the freelancer’s work (and he already payed a license for it)?

Note: linked to this question but slightly different because of the third pary: graphic design freelancer , and because use as bitmap only.


If you use the design exactly as supplied from the designer in the formats you’ve described then you don’t have to purchase the font licence, but…

The design implementation method with everything flatten out as images (jpgs, pngs etc.) is unorthodox. Website size, SEO, rendering times on devices and so many other aspects of design, functionality and technology are thrown out of the window.

Plus If you consider that in the future you will probably need some changes even a small change such as changing a single dot you will be obligated to ask the designer (…or a designer) to supply a new image with the changes which you will pay for. Long term (maybe not even short term) this is nowhere near the cost of just purchasing font’s licence and do everything properly.

Source : Link , Question Author : Basj , Answer Author : y1ann15

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