Graphic design Portfolio [closed]

In my portfolio should i affiliate real projects photos or only the original psd or ai file? enter image description here


It is good practice to include both! Potential employers want to see how you work and how you can mock up a design like this (native files), and it is great to see that a project has come to life, so showing real photos is a plus! That means you were hired, they liked your idea, they implemented it, and now people enjoy it every day. It is a great piece to include in your portfolio and shows variety.

Depending on how your portfolio is laid out, I would encourage you to show a side by side (or two-up on a single page) to showcase the pitched mockup and the final printed design.

One note, I wouldn’t use the picture that you have here unless it is the only one you have. I would take a photo when the space is done and everything is clean and nice. I would use a nice camera and take images at multiple angles so that you can present your final design in the best possible way.

Source : Link , Question Author : Heba.Khalaf , Answer Author : CmdZzz

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