Graphic term for precise/geometric double exposure images

I need to find a graphic term that allows me to do a search of mixed split images with a clear division, no matter the type, especially photos. I don’t find anything that fits, I tried with split images, double exposure, double images, divided images (which shows me a picture of Donald Trump…)

Double exposure is the closest but the type of blend is a fade, I can’t find the adjective for a geometric or precise cut.

A simple sketch of the image type I’m looking for.

enter image description here

I just need the term to make a specific search and look for more examples like the one below, it’s like a video transition frozen frame:

enter image description here

In other words, if I use this:


to make this:


what’s the name of the resulting image?

In they call it Photo Masking Cutouts, but Google Search doesn’t show much results.

Photo Masking Cutouts

George Chamoun use a custom name for a specific project: Iconatomy, but it’s the same idea


Add after the answer:

In relation to the valid answer I found animated Wipe Gradient Transition examples in


You could try the term ‘Linear Wipe’

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Peter Barker

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