Grid-based design in Illustrator — need help setting up a grid!

I’m trying to explore grid-based layout design in Illustrator to help me create mockups for prototypes. I was wondering if anybody here could help me set up a grid based layout easily in Illustrator CS6? I was hoping to find step-by-step directions but I can’t seem to find anything when I look online!


Just use objects

Guides are fine but I prefer lines and rectangles. I keep them isolated on their own layer for easy activation/deactivation. Smart guides will make it extra simple to snap to these objects.

I set up my basic grid unit and position it in one corner of the layout. Then I use a Transform each to tile it out to a full grid. That is, if you’re using a uniform grid.

enter image description here

It also works well for grids with complicated geometry. Here’s one I used recently for a branding project. Switch your smart guide angles to match your grid and you’ll be loving Illustrator 😉

enter image description here

The Grid builder script for Scriptographer

This is a really cool solution (if you’re not on CS6). It generates your baseline grid as well as columns based on variables you fill in.

enter image description here

Preview mode by layer

Also keep in mind the fact that you can change between Preview mode and Outline mode in Illustrator at the layer level. This means, if you build your grid as shapes on a dedicated layer as described above you can switch to outline mode to make the objects more guide-like. Then you can switch back to a color coded or solid shape view just as easily. I often find this helpful on grids like the complicated example above.

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