Group bounds for layer gradient style

I have two layers; one with a gradient style on it directly, and one inside a group with the exact same gradient style applied. However, the gradient’s range is the entire canvas, instead of the bounds of the shape(s) inside it. Here’s a picture:

Two shapes with gradients. One inside a group

Is there anyway to constrain the bounds of the gradient to the shapes inside of the group instead of the entire canvas? All other layer styles respect the layer bounds. One solution I’ve found is to use a mask on the group. However, that gets tedious with multiple shapes very quickly as you have to get the aggregate of the shapes and reapply the mask for every change.


Masking is one way to go.

Another way to go is to convert your layer group to a smart object (right-click the layer group and select Convert to Smart Object) and then applying the layer styles to the smart object. You can of course, at any time edit the smart object (right-click the smart object and select Edit Contents) which will open as a layer group with each layer inside of it).

Source : Link , Question Author : Edward Loveall , Answer Author : Hanna

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