Group paths into fillable objects/Join open paths in Illustrator?

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I’m trying to follow this tutorial but they skipped a few steps…
The two side dots below are each individual arches made using the pen tool, they are not connected to the mushroom cap.

All I want to do is fill each area(dots, eyes, etc) with color, I’ve tried dozens of combinations of unite/merge/outline stroke/join and every other tool I thought I understood the functionality of but nothing has worked. I do not want to use live paint(though I tried that and couldn’t get it to work either).

Note eventually I will have to remove the stroke, so I don’t think offset path will work.


Select all.

Grab the Live Paint Bucket Tool

Live Paint Bucket

Click once to create a Live Paint group…. pick a swatch color and then click more to fill specific areas. Change swatch color, and click a new area to fill that with the new color… repeat.

When done coloring, click Expand in the Control Bar across the top of the screen if you wish to remove the Live Paint aspect of the group and individually edit paths.

You can view an animation of this here:
(purposely not posted inline to prevent autoload of the large image)

Source : Link , Question Author : Ronald , Answer Author : Scott

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