Gummy Bear Digital Drawing Critique

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How can I do a better job next time I draw this gummy bear? I am going for photo realism.

Tools: photoshop (the latest version), Wacom Cintiq 22HD

My process was:

  • beginning with a box to understand the orientation of the bear
  • using cones and spheres and other basic shapes to make the form more specific
  • beginning with a base red
  • adding shadows by playing with saturation
  • coloring over everything a few times with a 30% opacity very saturated red
  • using the eraser tool to create the translucent areas of the gummy
  • adding highlights


You did well in creating the dimensionality of the gummi bear, but one aspect that I feel did not come through as well is the transparency. It might have been the specific lightning you were copying, but more contrast between the light and dark parks would help give it a more transparent and shiny look.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jenny , Answer Author : spiral

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