Halftone pattern within InDesign

One of QuarkXpress features I used a lot in the mid-nineties was the ability to apply an halftone pattern to any bitmap import. It was unbelievably effective when printing black&white graffiti fanzines or designing one of those long forgotten fax-based newsletters : because the images where only made of solid black (dots or lines) they looked terrific even on poor quality printers/faxes.

Fast forward to now : for a few years I kept an old copy of Xpress around just because of that feature, moved to InDesign, never needed said feature and forgot all about it.

Of course, I need this feature and I have no idea how to do or even if it’s doable in InDesign CS5.

Can you help me?


This is not possible in InDesign.

As user568458 commented, it can be done with Illustrator. It can also be done with Photoshop. However, InDesign simply doesn’t offer any halftone effects.

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