Having Difficulties With The Pen Tool In Photoshop CS6

I just upgraded to Photoshop CS6 from CS5.5 and I’m finding most of it is fairly similar so no problems there, the only issue I have is with the pen tool which is the thing I use the most. I do a lot of custom shapes (whatever the client needs so from an oil rig to a tank) and I use the pen tool to create them so they are vectors. I know I could use other programs but I’m very happy using the Pen tool..until now 🙁

1st issue I’ve discovered is that when I’m drawing a shape but need to back up a little by pressing Ctrl+Z, when I put down my next point it starts in on a new layer, leaving my original shape unfinished. Anyone know how to stop this?

2nd issue isn’t so bad, I’m just frustrated that they’ve made some options more difficult to get to and was wondering if there’s a way to expand them so they’re all visible? It’s the options to add or remove from the shape, they used to all be laid out across the top, but now they’re in a drop down menu titled ‘Path Operations’.

Thanks in advance.


If you undo while in the middle of drawing a path, you can click the last point in the path to let Photoshop know that you want to continue drawing the same path. This also keeps it on the same layer.

Also, if you set the Pen tool to Shape, it will keep drawing on the same layer (but the path won’t be connected unless you click on the point you want to continue drawing from).

Pen Tool draw Shape

Unfortunately, Path Operations and Path Arrangement can’t be expanded out — they are only available from their Options bar icons.

Source : Link , Question Author : Willow , Answer Author : Marc Edwards

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