Help me get this design to look right. Folded paper with a sense of depth

I’m designing a site for a client. And I was wondering if I could get some help using shadows to create a “folded” effect on this div. The div overlaps the bottom edge of the header, and I want to give the impression of a crease in the image, where the bottom half lifts off the page.

I’ve got Photoshop, here’s what I have so far (UPDATED):

first attempt

I needs to crease right at the bottom of the header, and I need a drop shadow that comes off. Could anyone give me some tips on how I could create such a shadow in Photoshop?

Final version:

revised version


Edit: New pic, a better example of what I’m going for, help me perfect it if you can. Thank you!


This is very easy to achieve(according to your updated pic) ages ago i did the same for a project,

what you have to do is just follow this better drop shadow in photoshop tutorial,
and you are done, i am sure this will help you

Source : Link , Question Author : alt , Answer Author : Jack

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