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I’m having some trouble with a vector image I downloaded from shutterstock. I’m trying to lasercut a Christmas present for my cousin. I need to be able to get an outline of the vector image (it’s composed of many parts) so that I can cut the shape out of acrylic then engrave the details on that cutout. I can easily do this once I can get an outline. I have access to inkscape, corel draw and adobe illustrator, and have tried various combinations of combining parts, tracing images, taking unions of vector paths, but none of them work. Suggestions?

In the picture below, (a) is two different vector paths. I’m trying to get (b), which is one vector path.

Diagram of what I'm trying to do


Using Adobe Illustrator, here is how to combine Shapes in the way you describe:

  1. Select the two Shapes you want to “join”.
  2. Under the Pathfinder palette, select Unite.
  3. Done.

enter image description here

enter image description here

There may be some other tweaking or options depending on whether you are actually using Paths, Strokes or Shapes, whether they’re filled, outlined, etc. With lines/outlines, you may need to adjust whether the stroke is inside/outside the shape or the Corner/Cap. It is difficult to tell without seeing exactly how the shape is drawn.

Hope this helps!

Source : Link , Question Author : Gabrielle Taylor , Answer Author : paulmz

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