Helvetica character for an empty checkbox

Does Helvetica font have a character for an empty checkbox? Ie. simply a rectangle or square? If it does, do you know the character number?


Plain, standard Helvetica does not contain a box glyph. (And if yours does: be careful, if it appears to do, that may actually be the .notdef glyph! Such a character is not suitable to use in a document!)

You can fake a box with various methods by using a graphic image, but if your document is going to be distributed as a PDF, I would strongly recommend to use the proper character code BALLOT BOX (U+2610) and apply a font that contains it.

The advantage of using the proper character is that if you copy text out of the PDF, it will be copied along with the text. This will not be the case when you use a graphic. You can also paste the character in Acrobat’s Find Text field, and then it will be found as expected.

If you happen to use (a moderately recent version of) Adobe InDesign, you can copy the character out of this post and insert it straight away in your document. To apply the correct font, add a GREP Style to your paragraph style that automatically applies a character style to just this character. All the character style definition needs is a font that contains the character (Arial Unicode MS, Minion Pro, Source Sans, Segoe UI Emoji).

Only use a Dingbat or Wingdings font if its Unicode codepoints are correct; if not, then copying the text ‘out’ of a PDF will most likely show an accented character.

Source : Link , Question Author : sazr , Answer Author : Jongware

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