Hiding parts of images falling outside the page

I’m using an image that it a lot bigger than my page and I don’t want to make it smaller. Problem is, I see it entirely in my inDesign window, not just the part fitting into my document, but the rest of the image too, extending far beyond it.

Is there a way to hide this part? I don’t need it and it distracts me too much.


Use the Selection Tool (black arrow) to click a handle on the Image Frame and reduce the size of the frame. This doesn’t change the image at all. It merely alters what is visible.

enter image description here

You can also hit the W key to change the screen mode to Preview (View > Screen Mode > Preview). This hides everything except the actual page content.

You may find benefit in checking out some basic InDesign tutorials.

Source : Link , Question Author : drake035 , Answer Author : Scott

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