High Resolution Postscript Output

I haven’t been in the design business for many years, so forgive my ignorance on this one, however back in the day when you needed high resolution output, say for creating camera-ready art from Aldus Pagemaker, Quark Xpress or Illustrator files, you would send your file out to a shop and they’d output your files at ~2300 dpi to a Linotronic imagesetter which output images to photo-sensitive paper.

Are there shops that still provide this service?

I’m wanting to output line-art from an Illustrator file and hand color with them with dyes, so need to have them output on photographic paper to prevent excessive bleeding of color into the paper.



Many modern print companies today use direct to plate digital imaging technology, dispensing with the need for physical artwork/negatives in the plate making process.

You might be able to find an old fashioned/low tech print company that still uses them. Open your yellow pages, find some small family run print businesses, call them and ask. You never know!

Source : Link , Question Author : jazzBox , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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