Highest quality website screenshot?

I have created a website that i would like to add to my portfolio, but i’m having a hard time getting high quality screenshots of the full site.
I tried to save the website as PDF, but that was full of errors, other online services cant recreate the images and so on.
I’ve also just tried to take regular screenshots on the mac at put it all together, but it really lost a lot of quality when i scaled it down.

Any good ideas? 🙂


In Firefox, you can open the console with Shift+F2 and use screenshot --fullpage.

To scale it to different dimensions and sizes while preserving text quality, use Ctrl+Shift+M (or Cmd+Opt+M on OS X) to enter the responsive design viewer and resize as needed (you can also use this to get screenshots at higher resolution than your monitor supports, or get pictures of tablet/mobile views). No plug-ins necessary.

Large example

Small example

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