Highlighting Section of an Image for Presentation

I’m trying to create a presentation that requires me highlighting sections in each photo. I mean having the rest of the image in a kind of transparent form but the section of interest should be very clear and emphasized so that the audience are drawn to that particular section of the image while still having the freedom to scan the overall image.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.


This will require a photo editing software. I don’t know which one you uses so I’ll explain the technique in general.

  1. Open your photo and select the parts you don’t want to emphasize – or
    select the other parts. You can use the “Invert” function to invert
    your selection when you done.
  2. Copy the selected area and paste it as new layer in a new
    transparent image. Make sure the new image does not have a background (Transparent).
  3. Set the opacity of the layer – this will create the fade effect.
  4. Invert your selection the original photo and copy the rest of the
  5. Paste it in the new image as new layer.
  6. Save the image as PNG file.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Itay Gal

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