How best to migrate a large Aperture library to Photos? [closed]

I’ve got a large Aperture library of images from 2016 and earlier. I started using photos for my phone and eventually used it for everything. I now want to use Photos rather than Aperture, so that I can upgrade to macOS 10.15, Catalina. The facts:

  • almost 2,000 projects
  • almost 120,000 images
  • most images are stored as referenced files
  • I’ve got a 2TB SSD with my 2019 fastest MacBook Pro

Possible approaches

  1. Should I “Consolidate Originals” first on Aperture? Why or why not? My originals are on an external hard drive.
  2. Should I group my projects into folders so that I select a subset to generate previews? What happens if my machine crashes during the generation of previews?
  3. Should I import my old images into my system Photos? or will that bog down Photos, and so I should create a separate photos library? What are the pros and cons of just one library vs. keeping my old library separate, since I will rarely do edits there?


Source : Link , Question Author : justingordon , Answer Author : Community

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