How can a popular free site with minimal budget obtain quality UI/UX design support?

I’m the dev of a web-based music player called TheParade.

I listen to music on youtube often, and wanted a better experience, so I created the app, which I’ve been incrementally coding up over the past year in my free time.

So far, the site has been well received and people are liking the straight forward interface (as opposed to bloated big apps with tons of album artwork etc). Ever since grooveshark shutdown, usage has increased even further. That being said, the site, while functional, leaves a LOT to be desired in terms of a better UI/UX. I’m not the best coder, and I’m even less of a designer.

This is a free site, and I don’t have a budget to hire good UI/UX help. I could try to improve the UI/UX myself, but it would take me years to reach a standard that I’d feel is good enough. In addition, there is also a backlog of at least 30 coding tasks I still need to complete.

Given my circumstances, any ideas what options I have for improving the UI/UX of the site are?

I was toying with the idea of partnering up with a UI/UX person and we could co-work on the site, but I don’t know if this is feasible/



On your home page put a big ad:

Do you really like this web site? Want to help make it better? I’m looking for a UI/UX designer to collaborate with to make this project better. I wish I could pay but it’s a labor of love for me, so hoping it is for you.

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