How can I add notes to a photoshop document?

I’d like to add textual notes to a Photoshop file, like the notes you can write when preparing a power point, not seen by the end user but only by the presenter.

I need to add quick notes about the layers, instead of having to flesh the whole idea or forget what it was all about. Is this possible?


Photoshop has a Note tool, that sits at the top section of the toolbar and is grouped with color picker.

Older versions of PS:

  • Note tool is located at the bottom section of the toolbar. Can’t remember what it was grouped with.

  • In older versions the note opens up where it is placed and you can keep multiple notes open at once. In the newer versions (cs5+?), they all open up in a single panel when clicked and you can only show the contents of one note at a time.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kheldar , Answer Author : Joonas

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