How can I add Sine waves to follow the path of a circle using Illustrator

In Illustrator I’m trying to create quite a simple shape but I don’t know the simplest way of going about it.

I have created a Sine wave using the Sine Curve script by Sato Hiroyuki.

I have doubled it and flipped it to create this “wave band” image and I want to know how I cant get it (if possible) to follow the path of a circle:

enter image description here

Is there something similar to the Type on a Path tool but for shapes? or is this going to be a case of painstakingly “free-handing” the curves?


With the help of Pattern Brush you can do this in Adobe Illustrator.

  1. Select the sine waves you had made
  2. Drag these sine waves to Brush palette
  3. Select Pattern Brush and press OK
  4. Select Circle
  5. Click on sine waves pattern brush you just made

Source : Link , Question Author : SaturnsEye , Answer Author : Vincent

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