How can I adjust or replace many colours in an image with a new swatch of colours, without causing ugly edges?

I’m having difficulty replacing the colors in an existing image with colors from a new swatch of colors. I’ve tried the following :

  • Magic wand and fill
  • Color replacement tool
  • Image -> Adjustments -> Replace color

The latter just wouldn’t let me select the color I wanted to replace with I had to fiddle with hue/saturation/lightness. I have about 100 of these images to change to using a different swatch so I need a quick method.

Here’s an example image I need to change the colors for:

image that needs to change

Here’s the new swatch showing which colors should go where:

image that needs to change

This is the best result I can get:

image that needs to change

Awful. If anybody can forgive my poor Photoshop skills and show me a good way to do this I’d be very grateful thanks.

How can I replace multiple colours in an image with a new swatch of colours, in a systematic way that I can repeat for a batch of ~100 more images?

UPDATE: Here’s my compromise using simple hue/saturation adjustments

image that needs to change


I would use a Gradient Map as an adjustment layer. You can easily create your gradient by sampling your color key in another open window:

selecting tones using the eyedropper tool

It also helps to paint samples of your new tones on a new layer above your adjustment map.

gif showing tones painted in place on a new layer above original and mapped layers

In this case, that should be all you need. If you have an image where a color transition would contain inappropriate tones after being remapped, you may need to mask an remap those areas separately.


Source : Link , Question Author : Newt-7 , Answer Author : Alex Blackwood

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