How can I affect the starting point of “paste in place”-coordinates?

I want to copy an object element from one page to another page with a different page height. The elements should have the same coordinates on x and y axis. The “Paste in Place” functions doesn’t behave like I want it to.

I think the following picture will explain this far better than I can with this text.

Do you know how to resolve this issue?

InDesign Paste in Place



Liquid Layout can move and/or resize objects for you any time you change the page size or orientation—and not just for digital output
formats. It’s highly useful when working with multiple print formats,
too. For example, let’s say you’re laying out a non-fiction book, and
that you’ll be producing both hardcover and trade paperback versions
of it. For most designers that usually means two completely different
layouts, built independently of one another, with text poured in from
Word docs and figures, sidebars, etc. manually positioned separately
for each version. For more-savvy layout artists who use anchored
objects and such, the workflow is usually to create a copy of the
hardcover layout, enable Layout Adjustment, and resize the pages.
Layout Adjustment will do much of the heavy lifting to reflow and
reposition anchored objects, but there’s still a lot of manual cleanup
to be done. With Liquid Layouts, the workflow is: create the hardcover
edition with anchored objects, prep the objects to resize when needed,
create a copy for the paperback edition, resize the pages, and perform
minimal manual cleanup. If you need a third edition—maybe a
large-print or an on-screen or on-tablet version—that’s just as easy
to create, because the original version was prepped to change to any
page size, any format.

So unless your workflow relies completely on copy and paste, a few rules and page adjustments should do it for you. Duplicate the document or page and adjust the page size and the object adjustment should do the rest.

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Source : Link , Question Author : theyve , Answer Author : KMSTR

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