How can I align text in a text area vertically, in Illustrator?

how can I align some text in any text area vertically? so I can align a label vertically and Horizontally in any text area, as if i align the text in a table cell.

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You could use the

Character Style

  • Horizontal Scale
  • Vertical Scale
    And maybe taking it a step further turn on the Asian font settings to access the Tate-chu-yoko and Warichu settings for the Vertical Up/Down alignment.

And also set up

Paragraph Styles

  • Advanced Character Formats
  • Indents and Spacing

I use Indents to create the padding found in a HTML box-model

There is also the same controls for Asian Characters mentioned above including Japanese Composition Settings.

It’s all about learning the hacks until they move more into the Web Design aspect that was introduced in the CC version.

Source : Link , Question Author : hsawires , Answer Author : Art of FITZ

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