How can I apply a continuous gradient across the front and back covers in InDesign?

I get how to create a gradient across multiple objects, but this doesn’t seem to work across pages.

I’ve also tried creating a master spread and applying the gradient across two background objects. However, when I apply the master to the covers the gradient readjusts to just the one background frame.

Would appreciate any tips or assistance!


Imagine your cover to be spread out, with the spine face up.

  1. On your front page ‘spread’, draw one big shape that extends to the left of the front cover far enough to cover the imaginary back cover as well, including bleed. Fill this shape with your desired gradient.
  2. Copy this object.
  3. On your back cover ‘spread’, choose Edit > Paste in Place (Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Shift+V)

Source : Link , Question Author : Jerald Lim , Answer Author : Vincent

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