How can I arrange overlapping circles into a rosette?

How can I make an image like this?

enter image description here

When I try doing this in Adobe Illustrator, it ends up like this. the final few circles overlap with the first few. How do I avoid this?

enter image description here


Let me suggest a solution with a slightly better workflow. Recognize that the same shape repeats several times so let us first make that one shape. So:

  1. Create a circle.
  2. Rotate circle by 360/8° from a corner point (Alt+LMB click). (replace 8 with any amount of petals you want)

    Rotate from side

    Image 1: Rotate one copy

  3. Use shape builder or pathfinder to carve out the one shape.

    Make one petal

    Image 2: Make one petal with shapebulilder. (or use pathfinder)

  4. Rotate object by 360/8° from corner, then hit ctrl+D repeatedly until you have a full circle.


    Image 3: Replicate by repeating last transform

  5. Change colors.

Source : Link , Question Author : Moath Atwan , Answer Author : joojaa

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