How can I automate header pages in InDesign?

InDesign newbie here.

I have an ID document containing only a Table of Contents, and then a header page for each of the items on the table of contents. So far, I’ve been creating each of these pages manually.

Here’s an example:

1.) Chapter A
2.) Chapter B
3.) Chapter C

The header pages are as follows, and the [brackets] indicate special formatting. They serve as a kind of “You Are Here” map within the document:

Header Page 1:
1.) [Chapter A]
2.) Chapter B
3.) Chapter C

Header Page 2:
1.) Chapter A
2.) [Chapter B]
3.) Chapter C

Header Page 3:
1.) Chapter A
2.) Chapter B
3.) [Chapter C]

Ideally, I’d like to type out my ToC, and teach ID to create the subsequent pages and apply the special formatting sequentially. Is it possible to reduce the amount of work I am doing?

Thank you!

Edit: If there is a term other than “header pages” that I should be using, please feel free to let me know.


If I remember correctly, you can also (aside from letting Indesign format based on content after it’s placed) setup predefined styles for documents you work on. You can preset a Group of definitions for character and paragraph formatting based on cascading styles or not depending on choice when creating. You can then apply the group formatting to new documents you work on.

Type menu:

  • character, Ctrl + T
  • paragraph, Alt + Ctrl + T

Master pages and layers pallets are the place to be for setting up headers, footers and other repetitive layout blocks for the design your working on.

Import your content and extend the content box (small plus at the end of text area – click/drag to flow content) to flow through the pages as needed.

Source : Link , Question Author : AnonymousDoctorBoss , Answer Author : Wrzlprmft

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